November 25, 2012


Hello there :)

For the first post on my blog, I'd like to share my "not so old" photos that I took on June this year. My "friend" took those photos for me! How kind is he ;) Actually my friend came to my house for study but because boredom attack me, I asked him to take my pictures and he said yes! We study for 3 days because our National exam. We took this photos on 25, 28 and 30 of June. 
DIVA flower crown | PHOBIA CORNER dress | ADORABLE wedges | SWATCH watch
So, this is my photos that's taken on 25 of June! My friend also gave me that Big Pink Teddy Bear! That doll was so fluffyyy, I can't stop touch it :p 
DIVA flower crown | TOPSHOP dress | ADORABLE wedges
Taken on 28 of June with my lovely cutee dog, her name is Hatchii! :) she's shittzu mixed with pom.
DIVA flower crown | FOREVER21 dress | ADORABLE wedges
And the last photos that's on 30 June! I love that dress so muchh, my mom bought it for me at forever 21. And sorry for those spot on my face and some of my body. It's because I just had chicken pox and the spot wont go :(

And here some extra photos to show all of you how I love stitch! And fyi my parent bought this cute leopard stitch from Singapore for me, thanks mom and dad!
DIVA flower crown | FOREVER21 dress
Thanks for read this blog! Have a nice dayyy everyone. See you soon!