April 23, 2013

"Wanna be Adorable"

So... my favorite shoes online store is having a "Wanna be Adorable" Contest and I'm joining it! We just need to wear our items that we bought from them. For winning those Contest it's between hard and easy because the winner will be choose depends on how many likes for each photos. The contest started from 1 - 30 April 2013. But unfortunately I just sent it today because I was in Jakarta last week so of course I can't send it. I'm begging all of you to please help me likes my photo. Just need to click it HERE Thank You :)
Photo that I sent for joining the contest ;)
Below are the other photos!
CandyPink Bagpack | CockyKeds Sneakers | Bow Skull Tank | Tribal Purple Legging | BANG! Ring | Chain Bracelet ALL from Adorable


Saw this cute tiny puppy when I was in Jakarta ;) of course not from Adorable hahaha
Thank you for reading and thank who ever liked my photo! Much love x


April 19, 2013

Pinky Houndstooth!

I think not only Neon and Simpson are getting famouse but Houndstooth also too, right? When this Hooundstooth Skirt arrived, I fell in love instantly because it fits me perfectly! And this Pinky Varsity Jacket is my current favorite jacket

Topshop Mint Bralet Top and Lace Socks | Pull and Bear Varsity Jacket | Diva Golden Ribbon | New Look Black Platform |  Houndstooth Skirt Random Online Store | H&M Black Stocking

Don't even know what am I exactly do

The Details!
Trying to make it cute but end up like this! It's seems.... creepy, I guess....
Do you ever feel like you just wanted to be alone? Just need couple of hours to figure out what you need? Or even what you want? Sometimes I feel it. I felt like I miss something, but don't  even know what I'm missing... But, thanks anyway for reading this one ;) 

April 16, 2013

Stripey Cross

"John Winger: 'Why'd the chicken cross the road?'
Soldiers: 'To get from the left to the right'
John Winger: 'He stepped out of rank, got hit by a tank'
Soldiers: 'He ain't no chicken no more'" - "Stripes" Movie
Hi again readers (and sorry for the weird quotes above ;p). Just a simple and quick outfit when I went to Jakarta! I'll be in there in the next 6 days because our Seniors will be having National Exam and that's makes us have a break for a while. Good Luck for them, hoping they'll pass the exam with a great score o;)
Pull and Bear Varsity Jacket | Dee Shoppe's Stripes Jegging | New Look Black Platfrom | Satchel, Cross Shirt from Random Store

tired faceee

Hatchi got a new rain coat (?)

Thank you and see ya soon! ;)

The Right Place for Online Shopping!

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping" - Bo Derek

Is it true that shopping can make us happy? For me, yes shopping can make me happy because I can have shoes, bags, clothes or anything else that makes me want all of them, don't you think so? And now people also like to shop online because it's easier, you just need to open a web browser, without need to go to the mall and they also can purchase the desired items at any time without a time limit! fun isn't it? but because of those many various online sites may make you confuse to choose which one has the best offer that's why I tell you some of my secret to buy online shopping which is....... Dskon!

Dskon is an online shopping where all of you can get all the local stores or non-local best deals and exclusive promo which's also known as the first online shopping portal in Indonesia. Only with one CLICK you can find what you are looking for from Education, Fashion, Electronics, Culinary, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Entertainment, Sports, Automotive, Children and Babies, and last but not least is Trips.

Dskon also features a blog which contains comments and reviews about the store, the latest updates on sales throughout the city, some tricks and tips to maximize your performance and of course many other articles which will be useful and relevant to the needs of an online shopper like you ;)

their own blog ;)
Dskon isn't only beneficial for the buyer but for the seller as well. It can help many online stores and local vendors in promoting their business. But it still more beneficial for the buyer (like me)! Dskon also growing rapidly not only in Indonesia but all over the world and make it as the number one solution for online shopping. You can find in other country like Brazil with www.dsconto.com

The point why you should choose Dskon is because it can makes you happy and helps you to find whatever you need with just one simple CLICK! So, click now and discover what you need <3


April 04, 2013


H E L L O ! Neon and simpson are so famous, I guess? That's why I've made this outfits (on polyvore) mixed Simpson and Neon together.
Shocking SIMPSON

And yep I decided to use Neon Outfit on the weekend ;) So, me and my parents were going to Hospital and Beachwalk on Sunday. One of my brother-in-law was fell and makes him had to go to the hospital. I hope he's going better soon ;D and then we went to Beachwalk, and watched Olympus has Fallen. It's a greaaattt movie to watch! We're watching it on XXI the Premiere. Before the movie started, my mom told me that maybe she and my Father would probably sleeping (because the comfy chair inside) but they didn't sleeping because the film was funnnn!

H&M Neon Shirt | Bershka Neon Skirt | H&M Mini Satchel | New Look Black Platform | Diva Double Necklace

Papa <3

Mama <3

extra photo ;D