♡ About Me

15 and still growing up. I was born in Indonesia and live there with my wonderful and perfect family. I really thankful to God because He already gives me what I need such as my family that always support me no matter how hard its, a great home, friends, and (sometimes) someone that's make my life more wonderful just by being in it, even though it's just for a while.

I'm such a shy person if I just met for a several times, but if you already know me don't ask me because I might do something crazy hahaha. I'm still learning to be a better person so, if I'm wrong please tell me and I'll try my best to fix it. I love myself more than anything. I love reading books, instagraming, and.. EATING! But, somehow I'm scared to get fat, but I can't help myself because I really loveee foods! ;) And one more thing, I really love to be with someone that makes me really comfortable when I'm with them.

Judge as much as you want. If it's true, congratulations! But, if its wrong, don't give up and keep guessing :p

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