March 29, 2016

Farmhouse and Floating Market, Lembang



Spiral Potato with Bbq flavour.
Fried dumplings.
Bandung's Batagor.
Baked Creamy Durian with ice cream


Taman Safari Cisarua, Bogor

After we done with or exam and since we got bored of going to the mall every week, we decided to go somewhere else. So, on 5th of March we went to Taman Safari Bogor which is 77km from West Jakarta. Arrived there around 11 PM, took us 2 hrs to get there.
entrance ticket!
ponies eating time!

We haven't eat breakfast yet, and we choose to have brunch as our first stop. We choose Rainforest Restaurant because its the nearest restaurant. Beside that, there are a quiet few variety of food in here from Indonesian until Chinese food. We ordered Cap Cay and 'Peel' (Indonesian salad with peanut sauce).
"do not pick plants"
Taman Safari Cisarua quiet different with other zoo park. They don't put animals in a cage, but they're allowed to live in their artificial habitat and we are riding our car to see all of the animals.

Oh! And of course you can feed them. Remember to buy carrots, bananas, etc before you go enter the zoo.

white tigers!

lazy hippos

After finished see all of the animals, we watch some Cowboy show and Dolphins shows.
Its dinner time! We wanted to have some nice dinner but its located at Bogor, and its quiet far from Puncak to go there (took around 45mins and we already starving). Decided to have dinner at Cimory Riverside view.
Well, as you can see we ordered Cap Cay Sapo Tahu (again).
And some Fried Rice with Chicken Wings. Loving this one!
Same shoes, different color.
Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor
Jalan Raya Puncak no. 61, Cibeureum
Cisarua 16750, Bogor
P : (+62251) 8250000
Web :