December 24, 2012

RED Christmas! ♡

First of all, I just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS 2012 to everyone all around the world! Hope this  christmas bring you a tons of joy, luck and everything that's in life! And special for this Christmas I wore RED, RED, and RED (also for the font, if you realize it) like Taylor Swift new song. And btw her new song, "RED" was soooo amazing, you need to download that song! Here's my outfits for this christmas ;) My family will celebrate this Christmas in Singapore! We will go there this morning at 06.00 A.M, and we should be arrive around 09.00 o'clock. My parents will also go to Singapore on 28, because they have something to do with their work. And we'll also celebrate New Year in here (againnn......)! 
UNBRANDED Dress | UNBRANDED Wedges | FOREVER 21 Bag | KOREA's Necklace

That's first session, and here's the second session ;;) this is for the real Christmas outfits because I wore those cute reindeer ears head band! And I bought also my reindeer shower puff from Bodyshop, really cute isn't it? Exactly, I never ever use those shower puff, I bought it so I can take photo with it! haha.

And finally, this is the last session. I really loves the flower crown, especially the back part!
UNBRANDED Dress | UNBRANDED Wedges | FOREVER 21 Bag | KOREA's Necklace | FLORALMIX Flower Crown

UNBRANDED Dress | UNBRANDED Wedges | FOREVER 21 Bag | KOREA's Necklace | FLORALMIX Flower Crown

UNBRANDED Dress | UNBRANDED Wedges | FOREVER 21 Bag | KOREA's Necklace | FLORALMIX Flower Crown
That's my outfit for Christmas 2012, hope this Christmas brings more of luck than last year to all of my family and the others too! And to be honest to all of you, I took this photos when I was still in Bali, because I knew if I use this in Singapore, my sister won't help me to take the photos of me hahaha. So, I decided to asked my mom to take this photos :p 

Do you see what's the different between first, second and the last session? If you know, you can comment it ;) 

Here's some extra candid photo :p
UNBRANDED Dress | UNBRANDED Wedges | FOREVER 21 Bag | KOREA's Necklace | FLORALMIX Flower Crown
Thanks for reading this blog, hope you enjoy it ;) see you soon x.
"Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart."- Washington Irving 

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