March 14, 2013

Busy City

"Trying to settle a problem with oratory is like attempting to unsnarl a traffic jam by blowing horns" - Unknown
Just want to let you know that in Indonesia, we celebrate Nyepi Day (Day of Silence). It's a day when Balinese can't go outside of their home and all of them need to stay at home from 6 in the morning till 6 in the next morning. Actually it's Balinese ritual but since I don't know exactly when, now it becomes National Day. So, all peoples in Indonesia are getting holiday for one full day! But, of course on other cities (except Bali) they can go anywhere they want (click here if you want to know more about it) And for this year, Nyepi Day's was on March 12. I never like to be alone, so my Mom already bought me ticket to Jakarta and stay with my sister from March 8 till March 17. Thanks to my Lovely Mom!
So, I went to airport at 16.00 (I think) but it was too early so we (me, Mom and Dad) decided to take some coffee at Starbucks. Time ticking so fast, and my Mom told me to check in. So, I went in and checked in andd.. Waiting in the waiting room with other passengers. I flew at 18.30 and arrived at 20.00 (Jakarta time). But me and my sister got home at 20.30 because I've to wait my baggage to come out.
Failed Scrump Nails! :p
On the next day we decided to go to Central Park Mall because it's one of the nearest mall from my sister's guesthouse (maybe, I don't what its called in English). But before we go there, we need to eat first and my sister choose Cheesecake Factory. I ate beef lasagna (it's pretty good) and Cheese Delight as a dessert (you really need to try this one!). And then we went to Central Park and we spent almost one day there. Walking around, shopping, looking around and of course eating many foods that I've been missing so much! And we also bought teddy bears at Teddy House, I love the teddiess there because we can mix and match its clothes!
No, they aren't teddies that me and my sister bought but cute right?
Next day, we already planned to go to Grand Indonesia. How I really love Grand Indonesia, because there's forever 21! We went there around 11 o'clock. The first place we go wasss... Marché. Oh you need to try the Grilled Chicken Legs, it tastee reallyy goooddd. After we filled our tummy, we went shopping! And around 16.00 we tried at Ninety Nine. We ate Nachos Chili Con Carne, Caramelized Apple Crumble and the last one that's my favorite one, Triple Chocolate Layer Cake!
we love Photobox!
Ninety Nine
Grilled Chicken Legs at Marché
Third day, it's kinda boring because in the morning my sister go to her University and study there until 3 o'clock and I was alonee in that room, eating all food that I can eat... But finally my sister went home and we decided to watch a movie! Around 16.30 we're on our way to picking up my sister boyfriend's and because there was traffic jam everywhere (that's why I wrote the title) we arrived at his home 18.30. Fyi, if we aren't stuck in traffic jam we should be arrive in 15 mins! -_- and we went to Taman Anggrek Mall, bought ticket, eating at Platinum (we ate Meatball, Chicken Teppanyaki, Chicken Katsu and Beef Teriyaki) and then finally we watched Oz The Great and Wonderful that's started at 20.30. The movie is recommended, its fun and sometimes funny ;) the movie finished at 22.45, we already tired but we can't go home because you know, we need to drive her boyfriend's first. Finally arrived at home at 24.00!
While waiting the car to move on hahaha

waiting for the movieee
Fourth day, we went to ITC Mangga Dua (if I translate it to English it will be Two Mangoes hahahaha). If you want to buy clothes that are imported from Bangkok, this is the great place! Around 17.00 we finished shopping and went to Central Park because I told my sister that I want to watch many movies as much as I want when I'm here because when I go back to Bali I knew that I wont watch any movies hahaha. After we arrived, first place that we go was Blitz to buy the tickets. We decided to watch Jack and The Giant Slayer. After we bought, we went to Pepper Lunch and ate Teriyaki Double Salmon. After that, we went to the blitz again because the movie gonna started in a few more minutes. That movie was like Jack and The Beanstalk but the real one (not the cartoon). After that, we went home.

Fifth day, at the morning I've to stay at my sister room (again) because she wasn't holiday. But the good news was she went home at 12 o'clock so after she went home, we going to Central Park (agaainn....). Then, I told my sister that I want to go to Pull and Bear (there was one leather jacket that I want to buy) and Topshop (I want crop sweater in here) but unfortunately in those 2 shops, both clothes that I wanted to buy already sold out -_- unlucky meee haha. So, we went to Pizza E Bira and ate French Fries Chili Con Carne (Classic Original), Salame Piccante E Funghi Bianchi Italian Pizza and the best dessert I've ever tried which is Smashin' Oreo Cheesecake Dessert Pizza! (yes, it's really smashin' my mouth, because it taste realllyyyy perfecttt) Then, we went to my sister boyfriend's to help my sister with her poster project. And then we went home at 22.30 ;)

love how they managed this!
The Middle one is the most YUMMIEST! 
sister hehe
On the next day, I'm alone againn and waiting my sister comes back from her uni. Reading novels, eating, browsing, instagraming, etc were the only thing I can do. Today wasn't a really great day because finally my sister went home at 17.30 (she had AMSA meeting) and she told me sorry that today we can't go anywhere because she have to finished her project. And suddenly my English teacher DM me on Twitter, told me that I got the highest score in my class for the English Exam! She really made my day, so not a boring dayy also hehe.

Next morning when I woke up, my sister already gone! I mean, she went to her Uni again :p My routine started againn, and one thing that I love today was I edit and finally change my header! :D She went home at 13.00 and she brings me some foods and rujak! After we had our lunch, we went to Plaza Indonesia but suddenly I remember that in Grand Indonesia there's Topshop and Pull and Bear. So, I begged my sister to go there and she want hehe. Unlucky me again because jacket in Pull and Bear sold out, but the crop sweater in Topshop still available so, I bought one! Then, we went home. Eh, in Plaza Indonesia we also had some Rainbow Cake and macaroons at Oh La La Cafe. My sister told me that it was one of famous cafe because its speciality, Rainbow Cake and I agree because it was delicious and so soft. They have lemon, caramel and some other taste that are taste perfectly together!

OOTD today : Stripes on Stripes on Blue on Blue! haha

On the eight day (I guess) it was Saturday and we already planned to go to Ninotchka with my sister boyfriend's also. We're arrived there at 2.00 P.M and we choose Cheese French Fries, Oreo Cake in a Jar, Beef Lasagna, Macaroons, Chocolate Lava Cake, Mango Madness, Mocha Frappe and Cappuccino Frappe for our brunch. Then, we went to Central Park because we want to watch Fire with Fire. It was a great movie.
 And for the last day we can't go anywhere except Jakarta Fruit Market because I need to go to the airport at 1 P.M. So, we just bought some fruits for my Mom and went to Airport. But, we were too early so we can eat Bakmi Gajah Mada while we were waiting for me to be called. Oh, you really need to try "Pangsit Goreng" and fried noodles. It taste reallyyy goooodd!

Okay, finished for this post. Sorry for the long long longgggggg posttt hehehehehehehehhe :p See yaa soon!

Marché Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Entertainment Distrikt 3A#03A-D,
Jln. MH. Thamrin 1, West Mall- besides Musical fountain
10310 Jakarta
Tel: +62 21 23 58 11 26/-27
Fax: +62 21 23 58 11 25

Cheesecake Factory click here 

Ninety Nine click here 
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 Pizza E Birra Outlets click here

Platinum Outlets click here

Pepper Lunch Outlets click here

Bakmi Gajah Mada Outlets click here


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