February 28, 2013


"Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten." - Stitch
Favorite one! hehe
Simplicity means simple and for me black and white are simple colors. And that's why I choose simplicity as a the title. I spent my last weekend with my big family such as my mom, big sister, grandma, auntie, uncle, niece and nephew. I'll tell you all of them one by one ;)
My lovely grandmother! (sorry for the bad photo)
My aunties and uncles

My pwettyyy sister! 

Favorite Aunt (her name's Nana) and cutee sister 

me and my sist 
We went to Discovery Shopping Mall (Centro). After we reach there, we went to A&W for eating because my grandma hasn't eat yet. After that we walking around at the beach. And suddenly a strong wind + rain came and we immediately run inside again! But, when I look back, I just saw that my mother is laughing while all of us were running. I asked my Mom why she's laughing, then she told me that it's so funny when everyone running like marathon -_-

This photos was taken before the cloudy, windy, rainy weather attack Bali! hahaha. You can see that my sister hair is really messy because if the wind. A few seconds after I took this photo, as I told you that all of us running to go inside.

This photos was taken on Sunday when I go to Beachwalk (againnn...) with my family, not my big family :p First photobox with my family, maybe I should do it again with my big family (?)
Suckling Pig at Bypass Sanur, Bali
And this were my outfit for the weekend with my big family! Btw, my sister and I were running an online shop called Dee Shoppe's ;) You can find us at Facebook or Instagram.
DEESHOPPES Geek Top | DEESHOPPES Leather Skirt | ADORABLE Wedges | Leopard Backpack from China

For this 2 weeks our school will have Mid Semester Test. It was reallyy really hardd, especially the Chemistry one. Fyi, I really hate Chemistryy -____- see you again when I finish my test!


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